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Dimension 5 is an Internet Marketing and Management Consultancy firm based in Melbourne, Australia.D5 Offices


Our core business is on delivering quantitative-focussed web results. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new website or are looking for a make-over - a Dimension 5 internet marketing consultant can help turn your goals into reality.


Dimension 5 is staffed with experienced consultants who offer skills and expertise in every angle of the vast and exciting world of Internet marketing. As keen and ambitious business professionals, our consultants also understand the realities and priorities of operating and promoting a company.


Internet marketing is not for beginners: it requires a dynamism and willingness to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing online environment. As new opportunities for promoting your business presence online emerge, our Dimension 5 consultants can alert you to new possibilities and ways forward.


We know that there is, or should be, no guesswork involved in any online marketing effort. It is in fact a precise science that seeks out concrete, measurable results through meticulous testing and tracking.


So if you want the real story on how Internet marketing works, how our consultants’ techniques and strategies would work in practice and what results they would bring to your business, contact us for a consultation and assessment of your current online marketing efforts.





Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sitemap